Album: N/A
Producer: Jai Paul
Label: XL

Please, adjust your stereo; it's not loud enough. Play Jai Paul's "Jasmine"—only the second song the XL-signed songwriter and producer has released—so that the neighbors shriek about the bass line, that nervous "buh-buh-buh-buh" invading their pad. A simple guitar riff emerges. Strain to find it as it grows louder, joined by the drums and Jai Paul's whisper-mumbled words. They're the suggestion of a song, like something from a dream.

You can only make out the name Jasmine because the title prepared you for it. The song is barely there until the refrain, which becomes more intense each time, busts the track open into something like sex, with nasty-as-fuck guitars and synths. Bone to this. — Ross Scarano