Album: Finally Rich
Producer: Young Chop, Dougie
Label: Glory Boys Entertainment, Interscope

For his local fan base, Keef was never a one-hit wonder, but for a national audience, "Lose Sosa" was the moment that even detractors had to acknowledge that would probably have more than 15 minutes of fame. His career prospects remain an enigmatic uncertainty, but when "Love Sosa" surpassed "I Don't Like" as the most-viewed Keef video on YouTube earlier this month, it became not just apparent that he's a talented artist, but that he and Chop have something new to say, and a new way to say it.

The song shook away the lingering Lex Luger template from which "I Don't Like" derived. It's at once hooky and immediate and disturbingly unusual, like a rap song melting in real time. If "Hate Being Sober" is Keef's "Back That Ass Up," a universally-understood concept that has the potential for major chart action, "Love Sosa" is "Ha," a street single at once gimmicky and timeless, strange yet undeniable, upending the rules of how rap is supposed to work. —DD

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