Label: N/A
Released: November 29

Flying Lotus channeled Madlib's Quasimoto project to become the pitch-fucked Captain Murphy on Duality, the free mixtape he released in November. Or maybe he just dropped some great acid. Or maybe the responsibility rests, not with Lord Quas, but with 'Lib's MF Doom collaboration, Madvillainy.

At any rate, the influences coursing through Duality have been better examined elsewhere—let's just dig into the record. If you can't listen to it—still the best way to experience something this trippy and scatterbrained—a simile will have to suffice. (It's what a rapper would do, after all.)

It's like FlyLo took a bunch of unmarked VHS tapes—some porn, some Cronenberg, some Verhoeven, some Jodorowsky—and started feeding them into the TV from Videodrome until the sounds of the New Flesh oozed from the speakers. If you're not picking up on these references, Duality might leave you cold, too.

The record wants to become a cult object, meaning it needs a language not everyone can speak. You've got to be able to process the old rap samples (do you recognize that De La Soul beat?), FlyLo's demanding hip-hop compositions, and a whole bunch of movie allusions. If all else fails, take more drugs. —RS