Label: Self-released

To be fair, Organix was really a demo of sorts, recorded so the Roots had something to sell as merch at shows overseas, and create a buzz with major labels. It's sparse in production, in that the beats, as dope as they are, mostly sound as if someone pressed record during their live rehearsals. But it did show how tight they were musically, and how insanely skilled Black Thought was as their vocal leader on the mic, while Questlove held it all together on the drums. And their attention to detail could be seen too, like when the Inspector Gadget theme song drops in for a couple bars to match up with one of Black Thought's rhymes on "The Anti-Circle."

For many Roots fans, Organix was a gem that they went back and found after their major label debut Do You Want More??!?!? was released. And as satisfying as it was to listen to, with notable tracks like the lyrically inclined "Pass the Popcorn," the sexually charged posse cut "Grits," and the spacey joint "I'm Out Deah," it was really just a funky introduction to how nice they were, and Do You Want More?!?!? was the proper unveiling of what would become the most innovative and successful band in the history of hip-hop music.