Lil Durk: “Chicago, Englewood. It was hard growing up. [There wasn’t] a lot of money around. [There was] a lot of shooting and killing and all that. It’s worse now. There was a lot of killing going on as a kid. Took a lot of stuff out of me growing up. A lot of shootings going on. It was hard growing up, but I made it. But it’s even worse right now.

"I'm 100 with my family. Everybody’s all cool. No problems. I have two sisters and a brother. Everybody was close.

"I was bad at school. [I had] bad grades, all that. I ain’t gonna lie. [I decided to get into music] when I first made “Sneak Dissin.” It was like '07, '08. [Before that] I was actually playing basketball. Once I made the “Sneak Dissin” video, got great feedback from it, started taking it serious.

"That was when “drill” first got hot. Everyone kept saying “drill, drill.” So I just put up “sneak dissin.” That’s when I said, “sneak dissin’ on your status/Facebook get you damaged,” stuff like that. Caught a lot of people’s attention, people put it on Facebook with my name with it. And people looked it up. That’s how people found out about me."