The latest advertisement for Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday perfume has been released.

The 30-second clip finds Nicki laying on a bed of what appears to be black roses. She pricks her finger on one of the rose's thorns and when her blood hits the flowers the entire bed begins to fill with life. Nicki, too, comes to life as well, as her skin turns gold.

Metaphorically, we'll just assume the blood is supposed to represent her perfume and when it touches you, you're instantly transformed a la the bed of roses.

Back in September, when she launched the perfume, she said a fragrance had been on her mind for some time.

"I've been thinking about [a fragrance] for like, the last two years actually," she told MTV News. "I knew I was going to call it Pink Friday."

We wonder if she was thinking about a commercial where she turns gold for two years. Something tells us that wasn't in the plans. And now it is! Looks good, though.