Chapter 28 of Trapped in the Closet explores the bedroom relationship with Randolph and Rosey. It seems like some issues have been brewing in the bedroom and rather than solve it like adults, Randolph gets a little delusional while singing about his genitals. 

In similar news, R. Kelly spoke to Fast Company a book about the series that serves as a prequel for what some of characters were doing before their chapter appearances. It also explains the infomercial we saw in the new chapters. Read the quote below. 

The 'Trapped in the Closet' book you see as an infomercial in the new chapters is a book that's on its way, that I'm writing. I know where Chuck was before he met Rufus. I know what was happening before they actually met. I know what happened with Bridget and the midget and everybody else's situation. So I feel like the fans have supported 'Trapped in the Closet,' so I feel like it's time to introduce them to these people before what they saw. It's the prequel meeting the sequel. You'll get to find out a lot of things you don't know, or that you can’t know, unless you read the book or unless I tell you-- so I decided to do a book on it."

[via IFC]