The First Thing I Bought When I Got Rich is a recurring feature in which today's most popular artists open up about the big purchases they made immediately following early success.

With songs like "So Much Money," "Bandz A Make Her Dance," and a reputation for blowing $30,000 a night at the club, it was only right we ask Three 6 Mafia founder and current solo star Juicy J about his first big purchase.

Juicy admits that it wasn't the wisest investment, but considering the frame of mind of a freshly rich 21-year-old, copping a new car seems more than reasonable. Read on for Juicy's story.

What was the first thing you bought when you got rich?
Man, I did the stupidest thing I've ever done in my life.

What was that?
I bought a car before I bought a house. A Lexus. I don't remember what kind. Just a Lexus.

How much did it cost?
I can’t remember. Fuck.

Where was that? In Memphis?
Yeah, man. I was riding that motherfucker through the hood with the windows down. I would never get tint, 'cause I want you to see me. I was like, "Nigga, if I’m going to spend all this money, you got to see me in this bitch driving slow, with my head hanging out and the music loud as fuck, speakers distorted." It was my first piece of money, and I think I was 21 or some shit.

When was that?
You trying to figure my age out? [Laughs.]

Just asking when it was.
It was in the '90s. I call it the "Rolling '90s." It was when the money was rolling in.

The economy was good.
Oh, the economy was good. Money was beautiful. Money was so good back then, man.

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