From: Atlanta, GA
Signature Song: Kilo Ali "Hear What I Hear" (1992)

Originally known simply as Kilo, Kilo Ali released a series of albums starting in the early 1990s and became a hero to Atlanta bass aficionados and Freaknik attendees alike. A charismatic vocalist, Kilo's smooth delivery and subtle rhythmic sense-simultaneously energetic-yet-casual-stood apart. He had a distinctive style, even when dominating the brashest bass production. He was also funny; look no further than the pro-cunnilingus sex jam "She Got Me Eating Pussy" (best heard with its original, un-cleared Anita Baker-sampling intro) or his ahead-of-its-time slang experiment "The Piz," which predates Calvin Broadus' popularization of Snoopspeak by several years. Kilo's influence has been profound; look no further than Gucci Mane's nonchalance-over-club-banger style. Waka Flocka has also cited him as a major inspiration.