From: LaGrange, GA
Signature Song: Bubba Sparxxx f/ Timbaland "Deliverance" (2003)

Bubba Sparxx's misfortune wasn't just that he was a white rapper, it's that he was the first significant white rapper post-Eminem. However, Bubba quelled all comparisons to Slim Shady with his first single, "Uglym" which really no other rapper but Bubba could have made and nobody but Timbaland could have produced.

His debut album, the often forgotten Dark Days, Bright Nights, not only went gold but established him as a backwater rapper with backpacker sensibilities and mainstream potential. He embraced his country roots and the lives of impoverished white folks long before Yelawolf took that aesthetic and ran with it. "Did you know they closing down the only factory in this town?/And still you got the nerve to say there's plenty work to go around?" he asked on "Well Water."

Bubba (along with Timbo) hit his stride on his second album, Deliverance, making the best album of his career. Sadly, fans didn't seem to care and as time passed, Bubba slipped into irrelevance. Maybe what he said on "Nowhere"-a song that he eloquently communicates his fears-actually happened. He just vanished "in the vapors of the plague the South has suffered from."