From: Bronx, NY
Signature Song: Big Pun f/ Joe "Still Not A Player" (1998)

We already hear the shouts of disbelief: "Are you guys crazy? How can one of the most respected lyricists ever be slept-on? This is Complex's WORST LIST EVER." Aww shucks, thanks guys—we try. Anybody who knows anything about rap knows Punisher was one of the best to ever do it. Rap nerds quote his tongue-twisting rhymes like Bible verses. Yet he's still underrated because he's an A1 rapper who often gets second-class status because he didn't get to make many albums before his untimely death.

We're not saying Pun isn't acknowledged; we're saying that his influence has waned as the years have passed. True, he only got to drop two albums, but then again so did Biggie and Big L-and they're regularly touted in GOAT conversations. Compare Pun's influence to someone like DMX who was on fire in '98 and '99 and basically flamed out afterward. Pun still doesn't get enough credit for his humor, his rhyme style, and the way he effortlessly worked Spanish into his rhymes. Years after his tragic passing, the Dreamshatterer's rhymes still baffle our skulls.

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