Label: Next Plateau
Release Date: 10/4/1998

Coming off an unstoppable run of hit singles like "Ego Trippin'" and "Funky," Ultramagnetic decided to take the pioneering step of remixing and remaking everything for their first album, resulting in an entire collection of brand new material for their fans. The result was an album that was so far ahead of its time that it still sounds advanced today.

DJ Moe Love and TR Love backed-up Ced Gee's brilliant SP-12 programming techniques in the Ultra Lab, unleashing a new style of chopping up drums and loops to create the sound of hip-hop's future. Kool Keith is the star of the show, pioneering advanced flow patterns and delivering so many subliminals to the competition that we're still decoding his bars in 2012.

Critical Beatdown is Space Rap via the Boogie Down Bronx, the final frontier for the journey George Clinton embarked on many years earlier, only this time the Mothership has been upgraded into a Space Shuttle. These are the real Rap Geniuses.