Label: Ruffhouse/Columbia
Release Date: 8/13/1991

The rap world lost their collective shit when this album first dropped, as DJ Muggs slapped everyone in the face with loud, aggressive beats that abandoned the Zapp samples and focused on bringing the noise, not unlike if the Bomb Squad had set-up an L.A. chapter and forgot to tell anybody. Lead rapper B-Real took Rammellzee's nasal style from "Beat Bop" and transformed it into the maniacal ramblings of a blunted Westside hoodlum, while Sen Dog proved to be rap's greatest sidekick since Flavor Flav.

Cypress Hill brought a heavy metal mentality to hip-hop, minus the live guitars (that would come many albums later), and flaunted a fearless "fuck the world" attitude that meant they didn't think twice to make a song like "Pigs." Ultra-violence, loud drums, and a truck-load of weed? That's always a recipe for a great album.