What's in a name? For rap albums, all too often the answer is: not much. LP titles sometimes seem like a total afterthought in the hip-hop world. We can't help but wonder if our favorite MCs frequently just throw together random words simply because they sound cool.

And what about the recent rash of part twos, threes and even fours—couldn't they think of something new? Or worse: all those inane, often unexplained acronyms. Even when rappers don't rely on these lazy fall backs, the names they come up with tend to be boring, generic or downright meaningless.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Some rappers actually take the time to give their projects names that perfectly represent the music within. Some album titles—and it's no coincidence that their contents tend to be higher quality musically as well—make you think, make you mad or make you laugh. But the best ones, above all, make you remember.

That made it just a little bit easier to sift through all the wackness to bring you The 50 Best Rap Album Titles Ever, presented here without further introduction.

Written by Alex Gale (@apexdujeous)

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