Producer: Dr. Dre, Mike Elizondo
Album: The Last Meal
Label: No Limit, Priority, EMI Records

The Chronic had almost as big an effect on New Orleans as it did on California, which is why Snoop could so effortlessly reintegrate Dre into the No Limit family when he signed with the label in 1998, after leaving Death Row. All four minutes of "Lay Low" revolve around a single three-note pattern—as easy for any youngster to hammer out on the piano as the riff from Beethoven's Fifth.

It is testament to Dre's genius that he could convert something so inherently simple into a song that is utterly ingratiating. Of course, it didn't hurt to include Nate Dogg, who delivers what is probably the most soulful hook about dicks in a career full of soulful hooks about dicks. Like Beethoven, Dre is regarded as a maestro but he doesn't get enough credit for the possibility he found in minimalism.