Producer: Dr. Dre
Album: No Limit Top Dogg
Label: No Limit

What "La Cumparsita" is to the Tango, what Chubby Checker is to The Twist: That's what "Bitch Please" is to the C-Walk. It's got that low center of gravity combined with the loose-boned swing. It is the perfect analog to the dance itself, in which there is an abundance of fluid movement, all of which takes place exclusively within the lower third of the body. How come nobody called WC for this track?

With "Bitch Please" Dre not only created the ideal Crip Walking weather, but also one of his most unique hooks. The fact that rappers from Cube to Snoop to Eminem to 50 always seemed to come up with their best hooks on Dre beats is one of the producer's great mystical powers. The song was a breakout moment for Xzibit but Snoop is preternaturally comfortable in this setting. A highlight of his tenure with No Limit, his hook here is half-Juvenile, half-Jamaican.