Producer: Dr. Dre, Sam Sneed, Suge Knight
Album: Murder Was The Case
Label: Death Row, Interscope

"Natural Born Killaz" is emblematic of Death Row in its late period of malicious opulence. Improbably, Sam Sneed and "executive everything" Suge Knight share production credit. There is the sense that this was a period during which every Death Row song was made with about 30 people standing over the studio console.

It had been six years since Dre and Cube had appeared on a song together. At the time of their release, "Straight Outta Compton" and "Fuck the Police" constituted a frenzied onslaught, but in comparison to "Natural Born Killaz" those early hits appear positively lean. By the time this song was made, Dre's G-funk recipe had become thick and volatile. It is not so much a beat at it is a poisonous stew of G-funk's constituent parts, a churning concoction that would soon boil over in its pot and burn down the entire label.