Producer: Dr. Dre
Album: Get Rich Or Die Tryin
Label: Aftermath, Interscope, Shady

"Heat" is not only one of the most hostile displays in the career of America's most famously hostile rapper—it is easily one of the most relentless and truculent compositions of Dre's career. To illustrate 50's expression of unfettered animosity, Dre returned to one of his favored techniques: Strike a few major chords in succession and then step back and let the space in the song work its magic on the listener's nerves.

In this instance, that space is filled with the sound of giddy assault rifles and slews of 50's most barbarous boasts: "If you was smart you'd be shook of me/I'd get tired of looking for ya, spray ya momma crib and let ya ass look for me." This song's one and only desire is to leave as much shrapnel as possible embedded in the body and then stomp out the remains.