This individual shines during 2 Chainz's verse on "Mercy," Drake's chorus on "HYFR," and whatever Vol. 3-era Jay-Z songs the DJ decides to go with that night. You can't be mad at a person for enjoying music at a music event, but you can wonder if these parties are their only remaining outlet after a failed career as a rapper.

This person is more prevalent now than ever thanks to a multitude of easy-to-execute dances that have become popular in recent years. First, it was Lil B's "cooking dance" which evolved into the "spastic pull-ups" dance that currently dominates.

This person, usually a male, also prevails because no women are required. You'll find him in a huddle screaming lyrics with a group of dudes, feeling freer than he ever did high school. Let this guy tell it: Life can't possibly get any more "turnt up."