While engaging in pillow talk after sex with a publicist and/or Twitter groupie, you became privy to information that this person actually isn't best friends with Kanye West, but just sells insurance somewhere in New Jersey. They're nice, so it's not a big dealplus, who gives a fuck how someone else is earningbut their perceived cool guy anonymity will begin to annoy you.

It's like when Gretchen Weiners screamed "You can't sit with us!" at Regina George. Every time this person begins to talk for too long about some amazing behind-the-scenes experience that they had, the dickheaded part of you wants to reveal to the room that this person is a borderline wannabe.

But you won't do that. Not right now at least. That's something you save should you ever encounter Twitter beef with this person because they talked shit about your publication. Until that happens, plan on seeing them at every single industry event in the foreseeable future.