Brooklyn’s Sleigh Bells, who consist of Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss, have had an incredible year. Reign of Terror, which was the follow-up to their breakout debut Treats, was loved by critics and fans alike. It allowed them to gain some mainstream recognition, as well as notable appearances on Saturday Night Live. Now, the duo plans to keep giving fans more music by dropping a third LP sometime next year.

 “We'll have three full-length albums in three years,” Miller says. While it may be unusual that a group release new music after dropping an album in February, they feel motivated enough to keep pushing forward. “Success never paralyzes us," Krauss added.  "It pushes us forward constantly. We're half-way through the new record."

Currently, Sleigh Bells are headlining their own tour. It could be a good time for them to lay down new tracks while they are on the road. But they explained that being in the studio is their comfort zone for creating. Since they are not a band, the process is easier to put out albums faster because they connect so well together.

"Bands are complex units with four of five guys or girls, and everyone needs to agree,” Miller says “Alexis and I get along and we're electric so we don't need a practice space... we can just work on this or that."

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