Album: Damita Jo
Producer: Kanye West, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Janet Jackson
Label: Virgin

Sean Garrett: "That record came at a really interesting time. I am a big fan of Janet. At the time I was really wanting to work with Kanye West and it was when he was really starting to pop as a producer and Big Jon [Platt] was the A&R for Janet's album, Damita Jo. It was a really cool experience. I thought working with Janet would change my life and it definitely did. The record put another big name on my list, but that was a really cool experience.

"At the time, we all worked separately on the song, but then I got a chance to actually work with Janet and record the vocals. It was really amazing. I was starstruck. She was one of those people that I really wanted to work with I've been blessed to have had some cool experiences, but she was definitely one of the first."