Album: Chris Brown
Producer: Scott Storch, Sean Garrett
Label: Jive, Zomba
Sean Garrett: "We recorded those songs down in Miami. We did 'Ain't No Way,' 'Gimme That' and 'Run It' and all he would really talk about the whole time was girls so that's what we talked about. [Laughs.] The songs reflected an edgier perspective of a 15 year old.

"For instance, the 'Gimme That' lyrics—"Momma you may be 3 years older but you hot (gimme that)/You be talking like you like what I got (gimme that)/I know you like it how I lean in the 'lac/You could be in the back saying (gimme, gimme, gimme)." You know his mom was definitely like, 'What is going on?' But that was Chris. He wasn't overly raunchy. He was just mischievous and loved the girls."