Album: B'Day
Producer: Swizz Beatz, Beyonce Knowles, Sean Garrett
Label: Columbia, Music World
Sean Garrett: "Swizz Beatz was a big part of that. He's somebody I've got a lot of love and respect for. He and I are a lot alike creatively. It was just like the crazier the beat, the more I'd try and make the song ridiculous. Whenever we'd work, it was like a test  and I have to come in and I would out-do whatever it was that we did yesterday. I have to out-do what I think the expectations are.

"'Get Me Bodied' was a New York phrase because in the streets, if someone has a problem they would say, 'I have to body this cat when I see him.' I used a little reverse psychology and turned it into a boy meets girl or girl meets boy and thought, 'Can you get me bodied? I want to turn it out tonight. I want to party. I want to dance. I want to be myself.' Getting bodied means when a guy bodies you that he's got your mind. So, she wanted to get bodied. That's how deep you have to come when you're dealing with Jay-Z and Beyonce, too."