Busta Rhymes, The Coming (1996)

Label: Elektra

Roc Marciano: “Goosebumps all over that album. Straight up and down. That’s the hungriest Busta you will ever get. And I love Anarchy just as much. But I’m gonna keep it funky. The Coming explained exactly what it was going to be. It was the coming of a monster, and he’s still here to this day because of this shit. ‘Do My Thing,’ ‘Everything Remains Raw,’ ‘Keep It Movin’’ with the crew. All that shit. Nothing but goosebumps listening to that album.

“I remember when he was recording that, he would come through the hood, and I was fucking with him back then, so we would take rides in his truck and he would play me joints. And I’d be like, ‘Oh man, this is gonna be a fuckin’ masterpiece.’”