Ghostface Killah, Supreme Clientele (2000)

Label: Epic/Sony/Razor Sharp

Roc Marciano: “To me, that’s Ghostface at his best. That’s my favorite Ghost album, straight up. Probably one of my favorite Wu-Tang releases. Definitely up there. He was rapping at his best, the beat selection. It fit the name, it was all Supreme Clientele. I love that album, man. Straight up.

“‘Stroke Of Death,’ the joint where they’re just spinning the record back [is one of my favorites]. It reminds me of like basement parties around the way, or a party at someone’s apartment, where dude is just bringing the record back. That shit is crazy. And the other joint, it’s like the ‘puppy love’ song, ‘Child’s Play.’ Real soulful. What else? ‘The streets is rough out here, the crack game came and had it’s years.’ Yeah, ‘Stay True.’ There’s no misses on that album. It don’t get no better than that from a solo artist’s album.”