N.W.A, Niggaz4Life (1991)

Label: Ruthless/Priority

Roc Marciano: “That’s my favorite Dr. Dre production. I use that album as motivation. It’s not only just hip-hop at its finest, it’s cinematic. It really draws you in, and it feels like you’re watching it, not just hearing it. You feel like you’re watching it and hearing it. Dre was at his rawest at that time, in terms of sampling, and different breaks coming in, and beats changing out the blue.

“It was just amazing because, at that time, Ice Cube was one of the best. Cube’s one of the best that ever did it. But still, how in the hell do you do an album, you lose Cube, and you don’t even notice it when you listen to that album? It’s like, Cube is gone, and you really don’t even give a fuck. The album is that good.

“You would think, if you were an N.W.A fan, and you lost Cube, you would be like, ‘Man, that’s a big hole in the boat. How are we gonna produce an album and make it good without Cube?’ But it’s their best album to me. That’s that shit. I go back to that when I need motivation. It don’t get no better than that as far as gangster music.”