Album: Dreams & Nightmares
Label: Maybach MusicWarner Bros.

“I made that around the same time I made ‘So Long,’ because that was during that Christmas break. It’s just like going through records in my momma’s basement, and I just came across some grooves, and I got this vibe. I made these piano keys and came across this riff and added some of my own creativity into it, and added some drums, and hit up my nigga Tone and Sean, like, ‘Let’s go to the studio. I got this cold-ass beat I did.’ They heard it like, ‘Damn, this is kind of sweet. We going to record a reference [track] to it.’ 

“They recorded a reference, and everything was all good. Niggas was fucking with it. A couple like months later, when I went to LA, Sean was like, ‘I fuck with the beat, but I really don’t fuck with the reference like that.’ I remember meeting Meek Mill in New York that summer—that past summer—and I remember he’s like, ‘Yo I’m a big fan of ‘Memories.’ That’s like my favorite song from Sean.’ When he found out I produced it, he was like, ‘Give me your contact, let me give you mine, I want you to send me some beats.’ 

“I was thinking, ‘Cool, Sean don’t want to use it, who else would want to use this beat man? This is a really good beat.’ I was like, ‘Man, Meek Mill would go ham on this.’ It has to be something different too from what he’s putting out. I sent it to him, and literally like a couple days later he hit me up like, ‘This is about to be my single.’ 

“He played that shit for me over the phone right before I went to class. It was crazy. Then I got a phone call, like, ‘They about to put it out.’ We just got the business situated. The Jahlil ended up adding his 808 to it, because my kick was hitting hard like it’s supposed to, and he just added the 808, and that was that.

“I think CNN has a blog or something like that. They called me, and was asking me questions about how I felt [about the controversy with a Philadelphia pastor]. That was dope. Damn, CNN? That was kind of big. I told them I felt that people were blowing this out of proportion. We’re two people who believe in God. Right at the beginning of the song, he’s like, ‘I just want to thank God.’ I guess people just looked that over and just automatically wanted to say everything negative about the song. Nothing is bad about the song man. The song put me in a better place, and that’s like all in God’s hands. I don’t see where people are getting this bad vibe from it when it’s really helping people out.

“Just happy people like it. My family loves it. Everybody loves it. Sean likes it, like, ‘Man, this is a really good song.’ It’s Top 10, it’s just like it was the biggest single of the summer. I’m just like, in awe that I was responsible for that. I was just really thankful that God gave me this gift and blessed me to use it correctly for all this to happen man.”

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