Album: Reality Check
Label: UTP Records/Atlantic
Producer: Cool & Dre

Juvenile: “Truthfully, my man Cool & Dre came up with the record. And by me being cool with R. Kelly, I figured it would be a good look for me or something different because everything up to that point had pretty much been fast records. So I just wanted to have something from me to compliment the whole Juve slowing it down move. It worked real good to be honest. I didn't think it would do so well in the strip clubs but it did.

“I ran across Cool & Dre cats years ago. They had just got out of school and I heard some of their tracks and from that moment we locked in. I brought them to New Orleans with me and introduced to them to Cash Money. Back in the day, I tried to convince Baby to sign them. The crazy part is, I'm hearing that they signed to Cash Money now so it all work out.”