Album: 400 Degreez
Label: Cash Money/Universal
Producer: Mannie Fresh

Juvenile: “Jay-Z liked the record and just did [the remix]. I didn’t ask him. I don’t know how he got it. Maybe he just sampled the instrumentals or something. I don’t know how he ended up doing his part but he had sent it to us already.

“It came through Universal so I guess they made some kind of contact with them and emailed it to us. That killed everything for me because I was excited like a kid on Christmas. Here it is, somebody that you look up to in the rap game on your song. I was blown away with that.

“It pretty much worked for me, because after that I didn’t have problem doing nothing with anybody. I didn’t have problems with all those companies who didn’t know who I was. Everybody knew who I was and they was willing to do whatever it took to get me to do an interview on a big name magazine or on a radio station. The whole Jay-Z era was a great thing for my career.”