Label: Loud

Jesse Marco: "That was my first I think foray into obviously Wu-Tang. It was more of a thing where, that was a good example of where I got put on to by an older homie. Wu-Tang, I might have heard when I turned 11 or 12. I think that was one of the sort of things where I was looking to friends and people that were older than me.

"I think it's also, this doesn't happen in other places. I grew up in the same building as some of my friends. I grew up across the street from kids I used to play with. The way people grow up and are connected now and learn about music is just way different.

"I think first of all, hearing that record you're feeling the dirtiness of the sound. RZA samples basically everything. Every single track is sampled in a crazy way and is very hip. That record has all these crazy skits on it. You listen to that record front to back, it's like a movie. I think I heard that record, and Method Man was my favorite part of it."