Label: Tamla

Jesse Marco: "There used to be this party-I might have been 16-at Beatrice, at the Beatrice Inn. It might have been when I was a little bit older. It was funny, because I would go upstairs, and they would play hip-hop, and Jay-Z, and shit like that, but downstairs they would play oldies only. Now it's normal, I guess. People were fucking playing Marvin Gaye, and Otis Redding, and oldies and swing music, and dancing, and twirling girls around. It was fun as shit. At the end of the night, they would always play the Stevie Wonder 'Living for the City' song, and everyone would sing it together.

"Obviously, I was 16, and I was already buying records. I had the single for Stevie's-I had the vinyl version of 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered.' I had that single. I was already a Stevie fan, and I had some other songs downloaded on the computer. I was really interested, because I really liked that song 'Living for the City,' so I bought the album, and it's become one of my favorite albums, and it's a classic. It's just timeless lyrics, melody, and piano work.

"I'm fascinated and in awe of him as an artist. I've never met him or anything, but I would love just to get an idea of who he is. You get an idea through his music, but it just amazes me when someone is so talented. It's almost like God had to like take away something from him, because he's so talented. It's crazy. I can barely get around the piano with my eyes."