Label: LaFace, Arista

Jesse Marco: "My favorite OutKast record, I love OutKast so much. If I'm at home, and I'm chilling, I'm going to put on some OutKast. No matter what scenario you're in you can put on some OutKast and you'll be good. You can play-I mean obviously with some of the more well-known stuff, I could play 'Rosa Parks' at LIV in Miami, and a thousand people sing the words to that shit, and I could play it in a small-little [venue] and I could listen to it.

"That everything for OutKast is just amazing. 'ATLiens' and 'Jazzy Belle' on that record are like my favorite. I also think I bought this record-I think this was one of those things where like my friend was like, 'Man, you gotta hear OutKast.'

"The pairing between them obviously is way over-talked about now with like the melodies and egos and shit. I've actually met both of them, and they're both like total rapper-types. They definitely did some really special shit. It's crazy. It literally lasted throughout all their albums too. Even their more poppity, radio stuff is good too."