Label: Re-Up, Star Trak, Jive

Jesse Marco: "That's a killer album. There's not too many hits on it, per se, but production-wise, that album was fucking amazing. Chad from The Neptunes, I actually had a session with him once. He had the most bare essentials in the session. It was me, him, and Samantha Ronson.

"To tell you the truth–I don't give a fuck-we had a session, he came over, and he had the bare essentials, and this guy was-it was crazy dude. He was just making The Neptunes' sound with nothing on a keyboard with the most minimalist sounds, and that's it. It was dope. I love their sound man. They're a huge influence.

"It was sort of around the time when the blogs weren't Crayola-driven. It was genuinely cool to have a music blog. Like you just did it as a hobby. If an album came out, you could get it off the internet. Whatever program you were fucking with. It was cool because the torrent websites, they'd give you like a review, and their opinion and shit. It was dope though.

"That was also some drug-dealer rap. You feel like you're really hustling. To me, the beats were like futuristic hip-hop beats. I dug that. I'm a huge Pusha-T fan. That album really reminds of like a futuristic Jay-Z record. It had the verbal types of rhymes. The double-entendres, the slick little one-liners. It had this mood about it that was furious."