Label: Hyperdub

Jesse Marco: "I think this was a testament to me buying, and listening. The precursor to this is the DJ Shadow record. I don't know what the fuck they are calling it these days. They come up with so many genre names, I don't even know. I guess it's like down-tempo, or you could consider it drum and bass. This was my first foray into that.

"The Burial album is one of my favorite albums. I put it on when I heard about it, and this was sort of through the internet kind of thing, and obviously when I went over to the UK, I was looking, and asking questions about this kind of music, whether you want to call it drum and bass, down-tempo, chillwave, or whatever. The rhythms are two-step. It has a little UK-garage flavor with the swing of the drums. It's really rhythmic and sort of euphoric, but it in really chill way.

"I put on the record and listen to the whole record all the way through, and totally question everything in my life. It's one of those things-I'll listen to that record on the plane and like be in a different world. That record is amazing.

"I think he won some crazy award for that record, and actually no one even knows who he is. Nobody's even seen this dude's face. This dude Burial, nobody even knows who he is. Actually, people thought it was Fatboy Slim, and thought it was him, and he was just making another alias, but not. It's a record that's revered by people who were into UK scene and wanted to go over there and solidify that."