Jesse Marco is authentic. When he works, he doesn't just press play on his laptops and fist-pump the set away. He actually spins. He's been doing it longer than his age suggests, too. The 22-year-old New York-based DJ got his start at 16 by interning for Mark Ronson and opening for DJ AM. Now that Marco is old enough to legally hit the clubs, he's making even more of a name for himself. 

His taste in music is as eclectic as you'd expect. We talked to Jesse about his favorite albums—they date as far back as 1963, and range from The Rolling Stones to Jay-Z. He has a disclaimer for his list, however: “The music that I play is sometimes different than the music that I listen to. Sometimes the music that I listen to is different than the music that I make. Just because you might like the way that I DJ, doesn’t mean that you might like my taste in music." 

Read on to see what albums are on the Project X DJ's mind, whether he's playing a fictional party in a movie or curating a rave for thousands of real-life screaming fans.

As told to Justin Block (@JBlock49)

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