Label: Grand HustleAtlantic

Dom Kennedy: "I like T.I. man. Even before that, I remember my cousin. One of my best cousins, he went to school in Georgia a while ago. Now, he came back with the first T.I. album. He was playing it one night in the car. We was leaving the club in L.A. I had never heard of T.I. It just came out and it definitely haven’t reached L.A. yet. I was just like, 'This nigga is dope.' There was one song in particular on the I’m Serious album. It was a real heartfelt song. I was like, 'This nigga is tight.' Ever since then, I was watching him.

"I think that Trap Muzik album was really like what set it off. His persona. That’s what let Atlanta live for so long. Being how they was. It’s off of T.I. It let everybody, even today, come in and do their thing. Kind of like how Eazy-E and Ice T kind of did for L.A. back when they did it.

"T.I. was the first one to be like, 'Fuck that. We ain’t changing nothing. This is how we look in the streets. This is how we coming on TV. This is how we talk. This is how we talk on the album.' That just what wins."