Label: Aftermath, Interscope

Dom Kennedy: "The Chronic 2001, we was just playing that last night. Monumental. In terms of when it came out. It delivered. And it still delivers today, which is big. It still sounds great today. I remember when that came out people was like, you know, obviously fucking big deal about it.  The second Chronic after so long. And it had all these people on it. The single was “Still D.R.E.” and everything was going right and for that shit to come out how it did. To be as dope as it was. That’s crazy. That’s probably why the third one isn’t out yet.

"The second one was definitely better than the first one. It was just everything about it was on point so it was just yeah. To come out after that? Man, it’s tough. That’s Michael Jackson shit." [Laughs.]