Album: Urban Legend
Label: Grand Hustle Records, Atlantic Records

DJ Toomp: “I had moved the track 'You Don’t Know Me' around to a few people. I think the Youngbloodz had it first. The stuff I heard them put to it was cool, but by the time Tip got to it, I think some of his homeboys called him and was like, 'Yo man, ya’ll got another one!'

“All I can remember thinking was, 'Damn, which beat was it?' Because I had given Tip about four beats along with 'You Don’t Know Me.' When his boys played which song it was I was like, 'Oh my God… I can’t wait to hear it.' And when I heard it, I was blown away.

“When I made the track, I was in a real experimental stage. The record was done back when my studio was on Campbellton Road, right over in southwest Atlanta. I was going through some of my [beats] and I started playing around. I sent some of my [beats] through certain effects processors and this one effect I used basically made my track sound like a totally different song. It made it sound so different, that I actually sampled my own music going through that effect, and built a new song around it. I messed with 'You Don’t Know Me' for at least six hours, and when I finally got it together it was hot.”