Album: E=MC²
Label: Island Records

DJ Toomp: “Karen Kwak at Def Jam got in contact with my business partner Bernard Parks, and was like, 'Hey, we’re looking for something for Mariah.' I started putting some mid-tempo tracks together and one of my EMI partners, Crystal, wrote the song. It was incredible. I ended up finishing that one in New York.

“I had already met Mariah a few times. We’ve been at the same functions and parties together. She’s real cool peoples. But I wasn’t there when she recorded 'Loving You Long Time.' Just like it is with Nas, it’s very rare for anybody to be there when Mariah records. But technology put that record together, by way of us being able to send tracks through email with her vocals being transferred. Back in the day you either had to be at the studio, or they’d send the reels or something like that, but now technology is making it so easy for people to collab nowadays.

“With all the rap placements, to get a chance to really exercise my R&B side, I felt like that was the right time. That’s a must-have for me: I must get something in every genre. Some of the projects I’m currently working on is on some other genres. That’s why I don’t even talk about them, I just wait for them to sneak out and just watch people’s reaction.

“The reactions for that Mariah record were funny. People were like, 'Damn man, you did that for real?! Man, I was just shocked, I thought you only did rap!' I was like, 'Oh, okay.' That’s the reaction that I want from people who thought I only did rap music.”