Uploaded: October 30, 2011

Mixtape: Shoot or Get Shot, Vol. 2

DGainz: “I met Vic around the same time I met Durk, in early 2009. That was when one of my guys brought Vic over, when I was living on 95th. So he was just freestyling, just rapping for me. And I kind of felt awkward, like he was trying to prove a point to me, because I ain’t nobody! But he just freestyled for me and then he came back over the next day, like just showed up at my house. I was like, I don’t know you dude [laughs].

“But I admired his ambition, so I ended up recording a song for him. And then from that day, he just kept coming over and we recorded a lot of music together. With that video, the song was a few months old, and I remember him hitting me up like, ‘I want to do a video, let’s go out and grab something to eat.’ The basic idea of the video is 'do what we want to.' Like they were racing their cars on regular streets. So we went to grab some breakfast and they was just wildin’ and eating. And when I watched the footage I kind of looked at it like the old Grease movie, where they were going wild with a leather jackets. That’s the kind of feel I wanted, like an old school Grease-type feel.

“I used FL Studios to make the beat. I actually don’t even remember making the beat because it was so long ago. I made the beat probably in 2010. We shot the video in 2011. But I remember when I was recording it, I was making the beat, and if you listen to it you can hear my voice in it. (Mimics sound used) I made my voice high-pitched with auto-tune on it, just doing something creative with the beat. [I was inspired by] Timbaland. His style in general. I kind of was going for the feel that he had for Lloyd Banks ‘I’m So Fly.’”