Uploaded: August 28, 2012

Mixtape: N/A

DGainz: “That was one of the songs that was originally mine, too, like Tink’s “Fingers Up.” The song came about because I wear Converse a lot, it’s one of my favorite shoes to wear. I remember people used to get at me because I wear Converse. ‘Ah, he broke because he wear Converse.’ I’m like damn, everybody wear Converse. So I flipped it like, Ya’ll couldn’t walk a mile in my Converse. I remember spitting Spenzo my hook and spitting my verse. He was like, ‘Hell yeah, I’ll get on that.’ I just sat back and was like, I want him to do the whole song. I called him, ‘just do another verse to it.’

“The video was kind of rushed. I wanted to do it at a skate park, like listening to the song and the vibe of it, it just felt…I don’t know, I just got a vision of a skate park, like an L.A. type of look. It ended up raining that day and I was doing a feature for RedEye, they was coming out to interview me. I was like, I don’t want it to be a hood video, I didn’t want the interviewer or the photographer feeling uncomfortable. They was reporting the video shoot, I didn’t want them to be like, ‘Everybody out there with dreads, gun gestures etc.’ So I was like, why not shoot it this way?

“We went to the skate park and it rained, so we couldn’t go to Lake Shore Drive. We had to go to Logan Square under the bridge so we wouldn’t get rained on. At first I remember when we go out there, one of the little kids that was out there—we was just recording random stuff and he was like, ‘Don’t point that fucking camera at me!’ But Spenzo ended up talking to them, and the girls went up there, and they ended up being down for the video. Everybody had fun.”