Uploaded: July 11, 2011

Mixtape: N/A

DGainz: “I did a photoshoot for this female group called Pink Nation, and I put it on Facebook, and then all the little girl groups from the Low End hit me up like, ‘We want to work with you, we want to work with you.' All hitting me in the inbox, 'We want a photoshoot too.’ So I had did like a little competition, the Swag Awards, for the girls to compete against each other, dancing and all types of stuff.

“Pretty In Pink made a video shouting me out like, ‘We mess with your work, we really want to work with you,’ to do beats and all that. So I ended up giving them my number and they called me. I told them that was love, people weren’t really showing me that type of love at first. So I made the ‘Go In’ beat and it was like three of four of them that was gonna be on the song, and I was gonna put the [rap group] Buck 20 Brick Boys on the song with them. That’s why the beat is so long. I sent the beat to them and they all wrote their little verses, but when we booked the studio time, none of them would show up.

“It was like two weeks that passed, and I was gonna give the beat away and everything, but Shady called me like, ‘They all playing, I’m gonna just come on my own. They don’t want to come, they’re all making excuses.’ She came all the way to my house on the bus just to do it--I lived all the way west--and that to me showed she wanted to do it. So she came and had a little verse, we recorded it and then I put out a little snippet video. And then the summer came, and I did a real video shoot for the song. We went to a little park on 39th and Cottage Grove. We shot the video and I put it up like the next day and it just went from there.

"That’s like my biggest beat to this day, and I don’t even like it [laughs]. That’s the crazy part about it. But yeah, I got mixed feedback from a lot of people. There’s been some negative feedback surrounding the song, but it’s just playing around. It wasn’t meant to be nothing negative. But people in the low end, they understood it and accept it, because that’s how a lot of kids and a lot of people talk where I’m from.  But outside people are like, ‘What the hell? Eat the team? What type of shit are they into?’ I don’t really think they want anybody to eat the team though.

“I'd done videos before where people pulled out guns. But I think somebody out there had a pistol like, ‘Who want to hold a gun?’ Everybody's like, ‘Me, me!’ And they were out there fighting over the gun. It wasn’t just Katie holding a gun but that’s the only person that I put in there with it. It was kind of funny to me. I didn’t look at like I was trying to promote violence, it was just funny how she was dancing with the gun. She was swagging with it, that’s how I’ll put it. I wasn’t trying to promote guns and all that. She was swagging with the little pistol.”