Uploaded: June 20, 2011

Mixtape: Hardbody The Mixtape

DGainz: "I was actually shooting a video earlier that day and Louie hit me up out the blue like, ‘Man, it’s Dro Day [a day celebrating the life of a murdered East Side resident], it's crackin’ out here, I want you to shoot the video.’ I was wrapping up the shoot I was at like, 'I’m finna go shoot another video.' Louie picked me up, I went out there and I was paranoid at first ‘cause it was dark outside and there was hella people, I didn’t really know the neighborhood like that. I used to live around there when I was younger, but I'm older, and I was hearing their people were into it [with another neighborhood].

“So I was kind of paranoid, but my cousin ended up being out there and Louie was like, ‘Man, just film everything, just film everything.’ My cousin ended up making me comfortable ‘cause he knew the people, he was just walking around with me like, ‘Yeah film her, film him, film him.’ So then Louie was like, ‘Aight, let’s do a couple performance things.’

“After I recorded it he was like, ‘Can you make this look like Paid In Full, when they was all outside getting it cracking?’ I was like, yeah, I can try to get that look. And that’s how I tried to do it.

“[When I found out Louie wanted to work with me] I was excited, because I heard about him through some people when I was in Indiana. They showed me the ‘I’m Arrogant’ video. After I seen that, I went home and I did a little research and ended up downloading two of his mixtapes. I was vibing to it and then I came across ‘Kush Too Strong.’ That’s one of my favorite Louie tracks to this day. 

“I like how Louie do like a slur, it almost sounds like he’s lazy when he’s rapping but it’s appealing. There’s a slur to the way he’s rapping, and it flows with the beat. That really caught my attention.

“His guy Bobby Drake hit me up on Facebook, and Louie called me the next day. [I think they heard about me] because of Lil Durk's ‘I’m a Hitta,’ but he didn’t even know I produced it until the day I was shooting the video. In the first video I shot for Louie you can see them watching ‘I’m A Hitta’ in it. Louie hadn’t seen my other videos, he really didn’t know that much about me. When I told him I made the beat, he was like, ‘For real?’

“A lot of people like afterward was saying, ‘Man, I started tuning into you after this video.’ I think that was my first video where a lot was going on, and I was used to putting out a lot of simple stuff. There was a lot going on in the video, so I think that caught people’s attention. And I put a lot of faces in the video, so everybody in the video was showing somebody, so that video really showcased my work and my skills.”