Uploaded: August 13, 2011

Mixtape: Hardbody The Mixtape

DGainz: “The beat was originally for my brothers, The Buck 20 Brick Boys. I was recording the song in December when we had that big storm in Chicago, the blizzard. I recorded and made the beat in the studio. We made a song, but the song was never finished and they wasn’t planning on finishing it. It was just a spare beat sitting around.

“So [Louie] asked me for some beats, I sent him a group of beats. He called me and was like, ‘Man, I got the beats you sent me, but this particular beat is the one right here. I like this one.’ He rapped his verse and said it was some army shit. ‘I don’t know what the beat called, but it’s like some army shit.’ I said, is it called, I think the name of the beat was called ‘Money Walk.’ He was like, ‘Yeah, that one.’ So that’s how that came about.

“When I was shooting ‘Gumbo Mobsters,’ that’s the first time I actually heard the song. He played it for me and I was like, damn, this shit nice. I think that was the beginning of the summer when we shot the ‘Gumbo Mobsters’ video. We shot the video for ‘Money Dance’ at the end of summer. I remember him hitting me up like, ‘Yeah, let’s shoot something today.’ I think we was supposed to shoot something else but we ended up just shooting ‘Money Dance.’

“We went on the East end and he was telling me on the way to the shoot, ‘Man, this block we finna go at be cracking on the regular every day.’ There was so many people and we just started filming, and the police ended up shutting the video shoot down. We would have had way more footage in the actual video, but the police shut it down. He was like, ‘Let’s go back and shoot some more scenes.’ I told him it ain’t going to be the same energy. So I took what I had and made it into a video. I actually low key kind of don’t like the video because I felt like it could have been better but everybody else loves it so, hey.

“I tried to played off of the ‘money’ title, the money dance, that’s why I put a green filter on it. I did it more choppy, with the beat. And it’s always fun to edit something I produced because I know all the sounds and I can play more with the visual and the sound. I tried to do different angles and stuff than with ‘Gumbo Mobsters’ and the overall color made it look different. Even if the shots were similar.

"It wasn’t like [Lil Mouse] was trying to capitalize off it, he just happened to say it in a song. I really think it's moreso you should look to Louie and them, they should have pushed this record. I don’t think Lil Mouse was trying to steal it or nothing like that. Everybody be talking about the money dance, you see Tink doing it in her video, Buck 20 doing it...it’s a popular dance in Chicago.”

I used to make beats and use awkward sounds, like using sounds wouldn’t nobody else think to mess with. Like, who would use the sound of somebody saying ‘Whoop?’ And when I did that, they were going crazy in the studio ‘cause at first the beat was coming out bogus. I remember somebody was behind me saying, ‘Damn man, you fucking the beat up.’ I was like, 'What? Let me show you something.' I clicked it right quick, had to shut him up.”

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