Uploaded: August 28, 2011

Mixtape: Beauty and the Beast

DGainz: “Meek was one of the other people hitting me up on Facebook. She had like professional pictures, I don’t think I thought she was like famous but at that point, that’s when I had a lot of equipment and I thought she was like really out of my league. And she's hitting me up? It look like she already got her shit together. I thought she already had like a big buzz, I didn’t do any research on her. I was kind of distant, kind of intimidated I wanted to say.

“I remember she continued hitting me up on Facebook and I had seen that Zae shot a video for her. I ain’t gonna lie, what made me look at the video, she had a bra on. I’m like who is this? [Laughs] I clicked on it and I was like damn, then the music caught my attention. The song was called ‘Rockabye Baby.’ I hit her up after she hit me up like, we can do something. She hit me and was like, ‘Check out my mixtape and pick a song.’ I went through her mixtape and was bumping ‘Smoker’s Delight,’ it caught my attention because it was some spoken word type shit. The way she was explaining her love for weed I really never heard before.

“I remember she had already shot a video for the song, she shot it herself but it really wasn’t all that type of visual. She said we can reshoot it if I wanted to. When we shot the video it was my first time ever meeting her. We shot it, and I just liked her vibe. Her vibe was so natural. Like when the camera come off, she is the same person on camera when she is off camera. Her vibe was just so chill, she was cool, calm and collected. Funny. That’s why she is one of my favorite people to work with, because she’s real and she’s trying not to be someone she’s not.”