Uploaded: October 18, 2012

Album: Finally Rich

DGainz: “Me and Keef wasn’t really talking, not on bad terms or nothing, but he got the deal and he was traveling. And then all the stuff with the Lil JoJo situation, it was just a bunch of crazy shit going on. I remember him dropping a leak to the song, matter of fact he dropped a leak to the song before the JoJo stuff. I remember he dropped the leak on September 1st and the JoJo stuff happened on the fourth. But I heard it, and I heard it was a Chop beat, I’m like damn, him and Chop got back together. I heard they were getting back together, doing some music. When I heard it, it was so catchy.

“I remember posting it on Facebook and I said, I can’t even lie, this shit is raw. And me posting that was actually me reaching out to Keef, like let me shoot this shit [laughs]. He called me out the blue a couple of weeks ago. He was like, ‘What up.’ Who’s this? ‘Man, you don’t miss me or something?’ I’m like who the hell is this? ‘It’s Sosa. I want you to shoot something.’ When you want me to shoot something? ‘Man, I want to shoot something tonight if you want to.’ I can’t do nothing tonight, maybe we can try tomorrow.

“We ended up shooting it like three days later, he picked me up and I remember on our way to loft—we shot it at the same loft as ‘I Don’t Like’ on the other side of the loft. Before we went to the loft we stopped at Wendy’s. We pulled up to the Wendy’s, the girl was like, ‘Welcome to Wendy’s, how can we help you?’ Keef was like, ‘Let me get two Baconators, Bang Bang!’ He was like playing with the people, and I’m like what the hell? This dude is funny.

“So we pulled up and they seen it was Keef, she look at the window like, ‘Chief Keef, what you doing at our Wendy’s? Who all up in there?’ They saw a guy with a cross on his forehead, and Keef was like, ‘That’s Fredo’s little brother.’ ‘Hey Fredo’s little brother!’ Then she was like, ‘Pull up and we’ll bring your food out.’

“It was taking like 30 minutes with the food, and we’re like what the hell. I remember the whole, everybody, all the workers in the damn Wendy’s came out. They were all looking in the car and were like, ‘Damn, it’s Chief Keef.’ He had to get out and take pictures, and I remember a girl looking in the backseat like, ‘Who else in here? Hey DGainz!’ I’m like, how the hell do you know my face? I started feeling famous.

“We ended up going to the loft and we was actually supposed to shoot a song called ‘Finally Famous,’ and he let me hear it. I was like, yeah this is decent. He played another song called ‘No Tomorrow’ and that was a nice song too. But in the back of my head, I’m like I know I want to shoot that ‘Love Sosa.’ I know he got that in his iPod somewhere. I just went down and listened to it and I was playing it. And he heard me listening to it, he was like, ‘You want to shoot that?’ I’m like hell yeah. We just went from there and shot the video.

“With the ['Love Sosa'] video, coming from ‘I Don’t Like’ all the way since March, I wanted to show how much better I got with the camera, as far as handling it. I know Keef has a real big audience so I knew with that video I really had to step my game up with handling the camera and the overall editing, because I was reaching a whole new audience. I really just wanted to give it a movie, chill feel. It was real laid back. Me and Keef worked out the details of the video and then we shot it.

“I put like a flare on it. That’s why I did that on purpose, to give it—small details like that, make it stand out from my other work. I dropped a preview the next day, and they went crazy, like damn. The reason it took so long for the video to come out was because all the details was still going through. That’s why it took a week for the video to come out because we were still getting all the details together.

“I remember the day we dropped the video, I put it out at noon. I looked an hour later, it had 25,000 views. The next day I check it, it has 250,000 before that morning. Honestly I predicted, because ‘I Don’t Like’ did like 100,000 the first week, I predicted 300,000 at the most the first week. It ain’t even been a week and it’s almost at 2 million views [It’s now approaching 10 million]. That shit, I knew it was gonna do numbers, and the day we decided to put out the video was the day the Sun Times printed him up on the cover. It was like luck, he had the craziest luck. Even the negative press works in his favor.

“It kind of opened up a new audience for me too. I was seeing numbers on my other videos go up, my Twitter followers, my Instagram. It showed that me and Keef can still work together even with him having a deal. It still shows that we can make something good for people to watch and listen to.

“[Love Sosa] was different because first it shows how advanced Chop's gotten with the beats. I heard the beat and I’m like damn, Chop stepped his game up. It was like a chill vibe, like that song could probably get played in the club and go up or you can ride to it. Keef wasn’t really rapping on the song, he was more so harmonizing. It wasn’t like a simple hook. He put some effort into the hook and it just caught my attention. That’s what I originally want to shoot as a video when he put out the snippet. I hadn’t heard the whole song until the day we shot the video. So all I had to work off of was the hook when I originally heard the song. When I heard the snippet I told people about it, like man, I think this shit is going to be a hit.

“I would rather watch a video than listen to audio. Most of the traffic nowadays is from mobile devices, so you got a phone to watch videos. They don’t want to listen to the song, that’s for the iPod. But if you riding around, kids want to see Keef. That’s the thing about Keef, people don’t understand why he is so big. It’s because Keef is more than just a rapper, he could sell an action figure. Not only do people want to hear Keef, they want to see him. Like oh, what is he going to do next? He’s appealing to people so that’s why videos work in his favor, people don’t just want to hear him, they want to see him. It’s like a plus to see hear and see him at the same time so that’s why I think the video is doing so well.”