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Casey Veggies“I was a part of that project. It was a big part of my life. Doing that mixtape was an important time. That music is so original to me. As young kids, we came from the [same] perspective as what I said about Mobb Deep. We came from the left to people, and that’s what I like about that project. You’d get high and listen to it and be like, ‘Yo, these kids is really crazy, lowkey.’

“It feels crazy to look back at it. I was 14. People go back and say, ‘Yo, that’s a classic Odd Future Tape.’ That’s the shit we did chilling in the room. [You could see] the honesty and the vulnerability of how we all thought. We were just young kids having fun—we weren’t thinking of the rap game as something we can be a part of. We thought we’d never get a chance, we thought nobody’s gonna give a fuck about us, we just do us. That’s the whole perspective for that project.

“We used to record on MacBook mics. Tyler had to put that distortion sound. That’s what made it sound clean.  I know he wanted it to sound like that punk rock feel, but sometimes [you have to go with that] grimy, vintage shit for what you have. Tyler made his beats on Logic. I’m not sure what he made his earliest beats on, maybe Fruity Loops, but [it was] Logic for the most part.

“On The Odd Future Vol. 1, we recorded a lot of it straight into the mics. We didn’t have studios. It was real ground up, grimy-type shit. Me and Tyler sat at the table a couple times and had the headphones and made it in GarageBand. Then he’ll mix it because he knew how to work with the EQ’s and mix the vocals, but if you listened to that tape, a lot of it was recorded at the lowest grade.”