O'Reilly vs. Nas

Date: September 2007

O'Reilly turns his sights on Nas, after the rapper agrees to perform at beleaguered Virginia Tech, the fall after a gunman killed 32 students and faculty there. Noting gun references in "gangster rapper" Nas's music and an arrest in 1995 for illegal possession of a firearm, O'Reilly deems his participation offensive to the memory of the deceased.

Nas returns fire, calling O'Reilly "a racist," challenges him to a debate, speaks at an anti-Fox News rally in front of their studios, and records "Sly Fox" for his Untitled album.

O'Reilly's Best Line: "Enough's enough, governor. Having a rapper who trades in violence performing at Virginia Tech insults the victims, the university, and the entire Commonwealth."

Nas's Best Line: Have you heard "Sly Fox"?

WInner: Have you heard "Sly Fox"? Nas. Hands down.