Label: Loud/RCA/BMG Records

A$AP Yams: “That was just... It was dope to me, cause with Raekwon and Jay and AZ and Nas, they was giving you that mafioso music that you could bump in your Lexus, Mobb Deep was giving you that music that you could bump in your Saab. I mean that shit was stick up kid music for real, like when I first listened to it, I was dead broke. It made me appreciate—it makes you appreciate the little things in life, you know what I’m saying? You don’t have to drink a Cristal bottle to listen to this kind of music. You could get your little pint of Henny, you know what I’m saying? Get right with your little army jacket on, you know what I’m saying? The corner one time.

“That type of shit, you feel me? The little hood shit that made New York it’s culture. Like everything is rapped about, you know what I’m saying? Motherfuckers ain’t really know about, and Mobb Deep gave you that slang. Like early 2000s, like I was calling everybody ‘son’ back in the day. Like, ‘Yo what up son,  what up kicko?’ Like, I really took a license to all the Queensbridge slang and shit. You know, everybody did at that time. That’s what made The Infamous one of the dopest albums.”